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Well here is to having basically died and fallen off the face of the planet. I am finishing up school, last term coming up, and putting applications into Federal Bureaus. Let's see....I love my family very much and spend as much time with them as possible. I outgrew the partying phase and basically ceased that with one or two exceptions. I cut the fat from my life and kept what was mutually beneficial. Trying to keep in shape, keep sane, and stay true to the people that are here and have been here. Hmmmm. Nothing monumental, no whining or complaining...that is a new one for me on here at least, lol. Decided that whining is for wimps and bitching should be left to others. Not to mention it is far too troublesome for me to stress over, lol. No self-pity complex, no other complex that could really get annoying. Well if anyone wants to start over at square one that does not have my number feel free to drop it here. I truely hope that the people that read this that I do not talk to very much are doing well and that they are happy to boot. Well you are all in my thoughts and hopes.
Best Wishes
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