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Well I am not dead, contrary to popular belief, and decided to post in here for once. I got the runaround from the military recruiters and decided that I was simply going to finish pursuing school and then give them a second chance when done with that. I have invested full time back into my fighting arts and have found that was a part of my life that I put away that gives me great joy. I will be entering amateur Muay Thai fights in the next few months and will keep everyone informed. I had an opportunity to meet Saekson Janjira, a legend in the Art of Muay Thai, and that was a life changing event. Just when it seems that you have things on track again your train gets derailed by people who would just as soon lie to you as tell the truth, recruiters. Well I learned from yet another set back and hopefully I am not too old to get somewhere in life, lol. There are so many paths I have been on and amazingly enough I am still here, Thank god my father has taught me perseverence. On an odd note I have had the weirdest dreams recently. The past two nights I have had dreams about my ex girlfriend Melissa. To preface that, I have barely thought about her in the past 6-7 years and now two dreams in a row. I woke up and it was one of those dreams where you wake up scratching your head wondering what the hell and why you just dreamed what you did, lol. Well anyhow time to go mow the lawn, meet with skippy and then off to the hell borne Home Depot to work the night away. Take care people and best of luck
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