themattdaddy (themattdaddy) wrote,

Big Day

Well Friday is the big day, processing day. I have to go down to MEPS and get processed for my physical evaluation and job placement. I am a little nervous and I am sure that will only mount as the days go by, time will tell. I will get my leave date this Friday or Saturday and then can start planning get togethers and whatnot. After all the self doubt and lack of conviction for so very long, here we are at the precipice of too late. As scary as such a choice seems to me, I have nothing but faith that I am making the right decisions. Now is the time to put the pedal to the grindstone and get things done, no questions asked. I should have about 90 days to leave, but since the nature of me getting this job is favor after favor for such a high profile position, I may have only 3-4 weeks at worst case scenario. We shall find out Friday and that kinda scares me a little, but ah well. Maybe fear is not a good word there, nervousness? anticipation? I apologize to everyone for falling off the face of the earth, no one is being excluded, I have just been more busy recently than I have in my recorded history. So many manuals to read and things to prep for, refreshers up the ying yang and then to work out and train people at kickboxing...yeah spare time is not something I have lately. Not to mention I know I have been bad about keeping my phone on me, I am trying to keep that under tabs though. Well I have to get back to reading my Chinese and manuals again, that will never end apparantly. Take care and hope everyone is well and for sure there will have to be a get together before I leave in grand fashion. Lata
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