themattdaddy (themattdaddy) wrote,

Curious Occurences

I had the most interesting weekend. On Saturday I was supposed to go out with Deo and a rather large group of people to Seven, but that fell through when the birthday boy, Larry, got arrested for a Felony charge of fleeing and evading the police on his crotch rocket.....yeah. So I go out with Ben, Jason and Matt and we go to Canada to have some fun over there and meet some friends. It was a great night up until we went home for the night. We had some fun with some bar owners that we know over there, although I was DD and stayed clean :). Well on the way home we see an accident and it is a pretty bad one, the guy slams the concrete median and we see a lady pulled over in front of him on I-75. We stop the car and I run out to help this guy, well the car is smoking and I rip the door open and pull the guy out. The guy was facially a complete mess, the rest I was unsure of. I took some vitals and tried patching him up with what little supplies I had, let me tell you the entire front end of the car was gone. So I am talking to these two arabic ladies who stopped for some reason just before I got there. I ask them why and they say they were gonna help....yeah help by sitting in your car....riiiiight. I start asking them qwuestions about what happened and they try to pull away, I stand in front of their car and tell them to feel free to run me over, but that is the only way they are leaving without the police being present or me getting the info I want to get. That started to prove fruitless as her story changed about four times and I am trying to treat this guy with head injuries. He cannot remember a damn thing about how he got in the accident and is really out of it, although his vitals were doing rather well. It is about 10 minutes since I got there and the only person to arrive yet is a tow truck. Well the victims SUS is on the far right side of the expressway on I-75 and the tow truck is blocking most of the lane, leaving about 5 feet between his right front fender and the bumper of the victims car. So I am about 15 yards in front of the SUV talking to these dumbass ladies, cars are running over the debris and I am getting pelted with plastic and a little glass...not very fun, But the guy is stabilizing and I am happy with that. Well this tow truck guy screams out to get near the overpass wall and I look to react and take one step forward. I look over and as I do a car slams into the bumper of the victims car, bounces off and hits the tow truck, bounces again and is coming straight at me. I dive towards the wall and as far as I am told by the other witnesses the car misses killing me by about 2 feet. I could feel the wind clipping my heels as I dove and rolled out of the way. Yeah so there is my near death experience. Today was interesting at the Home Depot, a guy had a countertop fall on his head adn that turned into a real mess. I had to stabilize a guy with a bad head wound and hypoglycemia, interesting indeed. Ah well I am a mess and have not slept in quite a while and still managed to work out every day for the past few days. Well I am off to get to bed, I need the sleep before I start my new martial arts school tomorrow. I found a school that teaches the Israeli combat system used by many SF units the world over. Well take care people and I truely hope that everyone is safe and happy, I know I am thanking my lucky stars and one truck driver at the right place at the right time to save my life.
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