themattdaddy (themattdaddy) wrote,

Goo Goo Dolls

Well today was a decent day of working, hockey and ....oh yeah GOO GOO DOLLS CONCERT. I got to go watch them on the 18th hole of the TCP in Dearborn, which was rather interesting. I got to go with Stacey and Rachel, which made it rather interesting :-P
It was an extremely hot day today and I was trying my damndest to stay cool but we ended up standing in the scorching sun to get a VERY close view of the Goo Goo Dolls. It was alot of fun, even if a little hectic. We had some idiots in front of us that felt compelled to get hammered, but ah well. I sorta became the barrier between the idiots and our group plus this middle aged couple who was standing next to me. The couple appreciated me being the human barrier between us and the drunken fools and gave me and the girls some waters and a cool key chain with a halogen light on it :) Well work comes early and I am a busy freaking boy so off to bed. Need to get up and run in the morning before work so night night
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